Property Owners of Gulf Cove

No POGC meetings June, July & August 2024. Next POGC membership meeting: Tuesday, 09/17/2024 at the Park Pavilion: 6:30 pm sign-in. Meeting starts at 7:00 pm. Have a great Summer, everyone!

2024 Property Owners of Gulf Cove Inc. Officers and Directors

Meet our current board of officers and directors:

Aerial view of Gulf Cove Park with pavilion



Richard Van Acker


1st Vice President:

Jayson Burtch


2nd Vice President:

Debby Laczek


Diane Bauer



Leon Demere


Directors 3 Year Term:

Susan Priess

Donna Saliter


Directors 2 Year Term:

Tammie Craft



Directors 1 Year Term:

Donna Draus

Philippe Mergaux


Past President:

Term Expired

We may be contacted at:

If you are interested in being nominated for a board position, please contact us via our POGC email. Board officer and director elections are held every November. Nominations are closed at our October meeting.