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Property Owners of Gulf Cove Inc.


Gulf Cove Private Waterfront Park

For many years, we have been delighted to offer our members a waterfront park to enjoy with their family and friends.  Our park is owned by Property Owners of Gulf Cove, Inc. and its use is restricted to Gulf Cove residents that pay their annual P.O.G.C. membership dues.  In order for our park to remain a safe and enjoyable recreation area, we have developed several rules that all must follow: 

1.   The Park is open from Sunrise to Sunset.

2.   Please do not drive or park on the grass.

3.   Park in designated parking areas only.

4.   All cookout fires are limited to the grill area. 

5.   Please make sure your fire is out.

6.   Please bag your trash and put it in the bins provided or take it with you.

7.   Pets are allowed but must be leashed at all times and please pick up after them.

8.   Children under the age of 10 must be adult supervised at all times.

9.   If you notice any damage or needed repairs, please notify us ASAP. 


 Park Pavilion Reservations


Only POGC members are permitted to reserve the pavilion for family and/or personal, private type social events if it is not being used by the Association or one of the Gulf Cove clubs.  Although we do not charge a specified amount to rent the pavilion, we do accept and appreciate donations toward the maintenance and utilities.  The boat ramp will remain open for our decal holders during your event so please make sure your guests do not park in the boat trailer spaces.  You can contact a Board Member if you would like to reserve the pavilion.







Gulf Cove Private Boat Ramp



The residents of Gulf Cove have the privilege of having one of the few private boat ramp facilities left in Port Charlotte.  The Gulf Cove boat ramp and the land it is located on is owned by Property Owners of Gulf Cove, Inc.  The cost to maintain this property, docks, ramp, and amenities provided is funded by annual ramp decal fees.  We do not receive any County, State, or Federal funding to maintain this facility.

Although the Gulf Cove Boat Ramp is available to residents owning or renting property in Gulf Cove, a current Ramp Decal Sticker must be obtained from POGC and displayed on their trailer/boat before to using the ramp. The decal is valid from Jan. 1 thru Dec. 31 in the year it is purchased. Renewal decals for the new year must be purchased by Feb 1.  All trailers must be registered in the name of the property owner or resident.  Boat trailers and/or tow vehicles not displaying a current Ramp Decal Sticker run the risk of being towed at the owners expense and without notice.  Boat trailer size is limited to no more than two axles and an overall length of less than 28 feet.  Power loading is strictly forbidden because it causes damage to the ramp and dock.  Boat trailers are limited to only one parking space. POGC reserves the right to spot check boat trailers to ensure compliance, 

Property owners need only send in the form with the required fees and a copy of their current boat trailer registration. Forms may be obtained by sending and email to pogc@gulfcove.org.  A Boat Ramp Decal will be mailed back to the mailing address on the application.  Renters in Gulf Cove need to send in the form with their check for the applicable fees accompanied by a form of identification listing their Gulf Cove address and a copy of their boat trailer registration with its Gulf Cove address.


Courtesy counts:  We ask that when your boat arrives at the park it is ready to launch.   Please prepare your boat, fishing gear, coolers, etc. before you get to the ramp.


IMPORTANT GATE REMINDER:  Please close, lock & spin the dial 


The Property Owners of Gulf Cove thank you for your cooperation with the above policies.


Please note there is a county ramp in El Jobean available for use by those residents unwilling to help support and maintain our Gulf Cove private boat ramp through the purchase of the required decal.