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The following is a copy of the amended boat, RV, truck and trailer parking ordinance that was passed by the Board of County Commissioners on July 28, 2015:


Land Development Regulations

Chapter 3-9. Zoning

Article III. Special Regulations

Sec. 3-9-79.1. Parking of Boats, RVs, Trucks, and Trailers


Sec. 3-9-79.1 Parking of Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Trucks and Trailers



(a) The intent of this section is to regulate the parking of boats, Recreational Vehicles (RVs), trucks and trailers in a manner that promotes public safety, limits the parking of boats, RVs, trucks and trailers in residential developments and enhances the appearance of the residential neighborhoods.



(b) The parking of trucks and trailers which, pursuant to manufacturer design, or aftermarket alterations, have or are capable of having tandem axles or two rear wheels per side shall be prohibited on private property in residential districts or in residential developments.  This prohibition shall not apply to: 

(1) Tow trucks owned and operated by a company or individual on a rotational list maintained by the Florida Highway Patrol or a Florida local law enforcement agency for response to emergency requests for service but only when the operator is present on the premises.


(2) Pickup trucks with no more than two rear wheels per side.  For the purposes of this section, a pickup truck (as shown below) is defined as a light truck having an enclosed cab and original equipment manufacturer installed, integrated cargo bed enclosed with low sides and a tailgate at the rear.  



(3) Service and delivery vehicles while engaged in loading, unloading or servicing on the premises. 

(c)  The following shall not be parked on any property less than 20,000 square feet or any undeveloped property in residential districts or residential developments unless such vacant property is located immediately adjacent to and abutting a developed property and owned by the same property owner.


(1)  Cargo trailers with more than four wheels or a cargo containment area greater than twenty feet in length.


(2)  Boat trailers with more than six wheels or tri axles.


(3)  Boats or RVs shall not be stored or parked on stands, jack stands, blocks or other similar apparatus in residential districts not including integrated leveling stands.



(d)  Boats, RVs or trailers parked on private developed property in residential districts or residential developments:


(1) Shall be the personal property of the owner, tenant or guest thereof residing on the property.


(2) Shall be operable and in good repair.


(3) Shall be licensed and registered as required by State law, where applicable.


(4) Shall be parked behind the leading edge of the principal building or within a paved driveway.


(5) Shall not encroach upon any property line.


(6) Shall not be used for living, sleeping, housekeeping or business purposes. 

(e)  The storage of boats, recreational vehicles, or trailers on any public right-of-way or vacant property, or any portion thereof shall be prohibited.  For the purposes of this section, storage shall mean any boat, trailer or recreational vehicle that is unhitched from a motorized vehicle.

(f)  Motor vehicles which are generally not permitted on roadways by the State of Florida or Charlotte County shall be stored within a fully enclosed building in all residential zoning districts except AG, EM or RE zoning districts.  In certain areas where special provisions allow golf carts on roads, such golf carts may be parked or stored on a paved driveway.

Cross references - - Motor vehicles and traffic, Ch. 2-4


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