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Nitrogen & Phosphorus Ban in Effect
 BEGINNING JUNE 1ST:  In our community, the use of nitrogen and phosphorus is banned during the rainy months when they may be inadvertently washed into drainage systems and transported into back bays, estuaries and the Gulf of Mexico. 

To assist users in understanding the amount of each compound included in a bag of fertilizer, three key numbers are noted on every bag. These three numbers are the main nutrients in the fertilizer — nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) — also called the NPK number. Therefore, a fertilizer known as 10-2-20 would have 10 percent nitrogen, two percent phosphorus and 20 percent potassium.

Charlotte County has enacted a fertilizer ordinance designed to regulate two components of fertilizer: nitrogen and phosphorus. Percentages of these are indicated, respectively, by the first two numbers in a fertilizer’s identifying code.  Fertilizer use is regulated to keep nitrogen and phosphorus from feeding algae in waterways. During the rainy months, fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus cannot be used. If fertilizer must be used, the two leading percentages must be zero: 0-0-10, 0-0- 20, or 0-0-any number. 


Gulf Cove Sidewalk Project



This project is to design and construct sidewalks along one side of each of the following streets: 


  • David Blvd (starting at Foresman Blvd and ending at Holton Ter),
  • Holton Ter
  • Foresman Blvd (starting at Holton Ter. and ending at David Blvd)
  • Gillot Blvd (starting at Holton Ter. and ending at David Blvd)

 The funding for this project will come from a Gulf Cove Street and Drainage non-ad valorem assessment.


 Gulf Cove property owners may also send their questions/comments to:  gcsidewalkproject@gmail.com with a cc: to kimberly.lewis-tison@charlottecountyfl.gov.  

Click here to view map and 1-29-19 total project cost

GC Sidewalk Project Status - County Link

Gulf Cove Waterway Maintenance Dredging Project

The project includes the removal of the existing silt to the previous dredge depth of -4ft MLW within the lateral/access channels and 100 feet into the interior canals and redesign the access channels to better serve the comunity.
The funding for this project will come from the Gulf Cove Waterway Maintenance non-ad valorem assessment. 

GC Waterway Maintenance Dredging Project Status - County Link


POGC Facebook Page 
All 2019 POGC members are invited to join our private, MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group - PROPERTY OWNERS OF GULF COVE (POGC Members of HOA Only). Please provide full name when sending your request to join this page.  POGC membership cannot be verified without full name.  Thank you.