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This web site is brought to you by the members of Property Owners of Gulf Cove Inc.

All 2016 memberships/decals expired Dec 31st

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Our Gulf Cove community is located in Charlotte County, Florida on the banks of the scenic Myakka River with direct boating access to Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico.  We hope your visit will be enjoyable, informative, and maybe even a little fun.  By joining Property Owners of Gulf Cove, Inc. (POGC) you become part of the decision making process for two of the most pristine and valuable pieces of property in Charlotte County, our Gulf Cove Park and Boat Ramp.  These properties encompass a little over 5 acres on the Myakka River.  Both properties are private and owned by Property Owners of Gulf Cove, Inc.   Becuase these properties are privately owned your property taxes cannot be used to help fund their maintenance and improvements.  All funding must be generated by POGC. We hope the following information will be a catalyst to attract new members to join POGC. 
For those unfamiliar with our history, POGC was initially formed as a voluntary property owners association for the area specified in our by-laws in order to provide community strength in dealing with various governmental and commercial organizations that have the directed, planned or implied responsibility for providing services, utilities, mosquito control, erosion control, canal maintenance, land maintenance, street maintenance, and/or drainage to the community.  POGC can and will push for both general area improvements and corrective action in situations which may result in injury or property damage, i.e. road improvements, street signs, drainage improvements etc. 
In 1980 General Development Corporation (GDC) deeded 3.487 acres of what is called the marina property to POGC.  In 1986 GDC deeded another 1.765 acres of what is called the park property to POGC.  As a condition of ownership POGC is required to provide all maintenance and improvements to these properties. We must continue to maintain them as a ramp and park area and keep the ramp facilities available to all property owners in Gulf Cove subject to the reasonable right of POGC to exclude individuals for the abuse of privilege.  By taking ownership of these recreation areas, POGC took on the additional responsibility of collecting dues and usage fees from property owners so that we would be able to perform the required maintenance and improvements to the properties.  
The POGC board of directors and officers are unpaid volunteers.  They donate their time and talents for the improvement of our park and ramp properties as well as the community of Gulf Cove.
Our park is not a public park. Its use is restricted to the members of POGC.  To become a regular member you must be a property owner in Gulf Cove and be of legal age.  To become a social member you must provide proof of residency in Gulf Cove and be of legal age.  Membership runs from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 each year.
Our ramp is not a public ramp.  Its use is restricted to Gulf Cove residents owning or renting property.   A current ramp decal sticker must be obtained from POGC and displayed on the trailer/boat before  using the ramp. The decal is valid from Jan. 1 thru Dec. 31 in the year it is purchased.  All trailers must be registered in the name of the Gulf Cove property owner or residentBoat trailer size is limited to no more than two axles and an overall length of less than 28 feet.  
Please note there is a county ramp in El Jobean available for use by those residents unwilling to help support and maintain our Gulf Cove private boat ramp through the purchase of the required decal.
Our subdivision of Gulf Cove is not an association deed restricted community.  We are governed by the Laws and Codes of Charlotte County. 




POGC urges all residents to make our advertisers your first choice when looking for a service or business.  Click on the ADVERTISER INDEX tab at the left to view those businesses that support Gulf Cove.